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White Light Tarot has launched its powerful new reiki energized tarot deck into the stratosphere! The long awaited Light from Within deck is now available. Get them now.

White Light Tarot - Chakra's are emotionally charged energy wheels aligned with the spine. Some of my warmest memories are hanging out with friends, lounging on big comfy easy chairs, talking out our problems, reading tarot, and just connecting. It was a safe and comfortable place to air my feelings. I felt lighter. Like when you see a wonderful sunset, and for a moment time is suspended, and all there is in the world is beauty. I felt connected to the world at a higher level.

Symbols are like that; they remind us of our divinity. The tarot is a great tool because it eases us softly into meditation allowing us to connect inward and become present in a very concrete way. The cards themselves act as a vehicle to focus the mind. The Light from Within deck is even better because it offers the added bonus of gentle, healing reiki energy infusion, assigned chakras, and keywords.

Here's how it works, each card's keyword and assigned chakra color work together to actually tell you where and how to focus your attention.

Anatomy of a Reiki-Tarot Card

The keyword is like the essence or the meaning of the card. It will help focus your mind quickly. Chakras, remember, are the spinning energy wheels of light that line up and down your spine. They're associated with various physiological functions and keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body in balance, and each has a particular color. By knowing where you need to focus your attention, you are empowered, and you are in control of realigning your energy.

A fresh look can offer an easy way of getting back into alignment, fast.

We all know that getting that fresh perspective can sometimes be challenging when we're stressed out. Reiki energy is now taught at nursing schools because of its powerful ability to realign and relax patients. In fact, the Yale School of Nursing advocates using reiki.

"Reiki uses touch to facilitate relaxation, reduce stress, manage pain and promote healing. Caregivers are encouraged to perform Reiki to stimulate the body's homeostatic response and also to perform Self-Reiki to relieve their own stress and boost energy."

We all need balance and release in order to stay on an even keel emotionally, and when necessary, begin the healing process.

But I wanted a tarot deck that was easy to understand, and that would give me a clear cut action to perform, something empowering.

I became a reiki master at almost the same time I got my masters of science in internet engineering, and my final programming assignment had to be a computer program that integrated at least two data sources. This was the perfect opportunity to bring together my greatest loves! What if I could integrate programming, reiki and tarot? Maybe, I could create a program that could help us disengage circular thinking. It's been something that I wanted to stop myself from doing, so creating a tarot program with assigned chakra colors was just the thing. Little did I know it would lead to a whole new way of using the tarot!

See, when we're engaged in circular thinking, we can't stop thinking in one way. I'm sure you know the feeling, did I make a fool of myself? Did I say the wrong thing? Are they looking at me? All those paranoid thoughts that we get when we're unsure of ourselves, and boy, do I know what that's like. It's like a catch-22 that you can't escape. One thought leads to the next, which leads back to the first, and so on, going around and around. But I found that with the tarot, and especially with the use of keywords and assigned chakras, I could break-free from that circular thinking. And turn it into productive thinking.

The Light from Within deck can truly help you brainstorm solutions because of the evolved keywords that create connections that you normally might not think of, and at the same time indicate which main chakra energy centers are misaligned, stagnated, overcompensating or unfocused. Think of it! Exact instructions on where you need to concentrate your energies to get what you desire.

Sample Tarot Reading:

Let's look at the cards above. Suppose this is a reading you threw trying to find out more about someone that you are interested in. The cards indicate that the chakras involved are the throat (light blue) on the center card, and heart (green) on either side. The keywords are 'seeker' for the hermit, 'fearless' for justice, 'devotion' for the lovers, which you can make into a sentence like "I am a seeker of fearless devotion." You can then focus that thought or idea on your throat chakra, which governs communication, and your heart chakra, which governs love, and concentrate on communicating your desires to the world and especially to the person you're interested in. And you can do this without saying a word! By concentating or focusing on those energy centers, with that thought, the message will get communicated. You end the worry, breathe a sigh of relief, and begin concentrating on a meaningful connection with the proper chakra alignment. It's that simple!

As it turned out, it wasn't so much the computer programming that I was interested in, as much as finding a way of helping myself intuitively connect to my higher self and use my intuition to become a better problem solver. I'm such a big believer in the health benefits of tarot meditation, that I've dedicated my life to this kind of thinking, and now the added combination of chakra centers and keywords completes the picture.

If you want to feel better and take direct action in improving the quality of your relationships, your self-esteem, finances, health, anything where you're seeking guidance and solutions fast, allow me to send you your very own copy of White Light Tarot's Light from Within deck. You 'll be glad you did.

White Light Tarot Cards $25.00
White Light Tarot -The Light From Within Deck
A new deck that incorporates the reiki energy system.
* Each image was designed to incorporate reiki healing and heat.
* Interpretations take into account esoteric old world symbols.
* Interpretations are inclusive of other cultures.
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